For the awakening soul


Along our soul's journey of evolution we face challenges. These often involve relationships, family, work, money, anxiety, depression, addictions, loneliness, health problems and so on. In soul-centred therapy we locate the deep origins of these issues in present and past lifetimes. Tuning-in to your energy field, I work with your spirit guides and mine to identify and clear negative imprints. The energy field is then filled with high-vibrational healing light. Practical tools will be suggested to support new habits of mind, body, and emotions. Renew your energy and live your soul's purpose!


70-90 minute session




For the awakened soul


Through seership and ancient wisdom I can access your Akashic records to locate hidden blocks that are limiting your soul's progress for this embodiment. We also uncover new opportunities and talents yet to be explored. Esoteric healing methods are used to clear your cellular memory and raise your vibration. Insights from Spirit are conveyed and your connection with Higher Self is re-anchored. Results are both practical and profound. Healing for the soul.


70-90 minute session




For absolutely everybody


An energy-focussed session to balance your chakras, clear your auric field, and leave you feeling fantastic. No words are spoken. Using the four elemental healing rays of Seichem (Fire), Reiki (Earth), Sophi-el (Water) and Angelic Light (Air) plus a customised selection of Essential oils, Aura-soma pomanders, Crystals and Healing tones, chosen just for you. Deeply relaxing. Profoundly uplifting. A wonderful gift to your self or your loved ones.


60 minute session




For the mature soul


In an altered state of consciousness I journey on your behalf through the inner planes to retrieve your lost soul fragments that have become trapped or stolen. Three or four soul parts are usually retrieved in a single session. Integrating the returned pieces is a crucial part of the process and will bring access to gifts and talents that were previously unavailable. Soul Retrieval is a subtle yet profound method with remarkable results. More information here.


The client is not present while I journey through the inner planes. We meet after the journey for 2x 60 minute face-toface sessions (included in the price) to assist with integrating your returned soul parts.