Seer  Healer Teacher



Light for the journey


"Let us walk together for awhile.

 We will discover the light of wisdom to support your soul's radiant, unfolding, unending bliss."  



Past life regression

Aura readings (energy & causal bodies)

Soul path insights

Mystery traditions

Violet flame

Dream symbolism

Relationship issues

Emotional blockages

Shifting limiting beliefs

Messages from spirit

Higher self connection

Inner child healing

Shamanic soul retrieval

Reiki & Seichem master level training

Karmic release

DNA reprogramming

Clearing old vows and curses

Entity clearing

Psychic protection

Spiritual guidance



  • Seership and esoteric healing in the mystery tradition
  • Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant
  • Working with guides from the fifth plane and beyond
  • Identifying blockages on your soul’s journey – karmic, ancestral, past life
  • Clearing at level of cellular memory and the causal body
  • Healing for healers
  • Healing for the soul
  • Strong ethical values
  • Confidentiality strictly assured

Susan is described as a calm and gentle soul. She has a deep abiding connection with her Higher Self. Having been through her own 'dark night of the soul' (the major, catastrophic dissolution of the lower self) in the mystery tradition, she willingly empowers others to work through their own challenges.


Training and remembering

Susan is a relentless seeker after truth who draws on wisdom from a number of mystical spiritual traditions. She has travelled widely and lived in Germany, Austria, France and Australia.


Her work as an esoteric healer began in the early 1990s with training in Seership and ancient Mystery traditions with one-on-one mentoring from the late great Edmund Harold. Training in Shamanism with Michael Harner in America followed, and studies in Sacred Geometry (Flower of Life) and the ancient Egyptian rites (including Merkaba) with Drunvalo Melchizedek.


Other teachers along the way have included: Kathleen Milner (Tera-Mai Reiki & Seichem master levels); Pascale Orsanz (Aura soma, Colour therapy); Lucy Basa (Cutting of ties, Inner child healing); Barbara Ann Brennan (Hands of Light, Healing in the energy field); Susan Bults (Esoteric astrology); Nigel Cooper (Tarot); Soluntra King (Star origins); Denise Linn (Space clearing); Corey & Marianne Sea (Bioenegetics); Warren Rose (Vibrational kinesiology); Philip Rafferty (Reset TMJ kinergetics); Nancy Parker & Leonie Hosie (Shell essences); Ian White (Flower essences); and Soluntra King (being in the heart). Susan holds several postgraduate academic qualifications including a doctorate in fine art.


With full respect to the wonderful teachers she has had in this life, Susan counts her most significant influences to be the Teachers of Light on the inner planes including Master Rakoczy, Thoth, Hildegard, Aristotle and the Christ. Her soul's journey includes access to spiritual gifts and talents remembered from other lifetimes. Her path is a Path of Knowledge which she gladly shares with love.