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What is the Ego?

The ego is the personality, the small self, the 'dweller on the threshold'; it is the construct of mind, body and emotions. The ego should be the servant of the greater self which is the soul, but fears letting go. 

The process of overcoming the ego's fears and desires and the bringing-into-form of the soul's capacity for love, energy and wisdom is known in esoteric alchemy as the transmutation of the self. In Celtic-Christian mystery traditions this is the grail quest. 


Who am I really?

"I am a beloved spark of the great universal Oneness."

The journey of life is an oppportunity to infuse our lower self with our soul self, and to raise the consciousness of our soul self through the wisdom gained through these experiences.


What is meant by the term 'Soul-centred Therapy'?

This is healing work that focuses on causes beyond the personal ego and the material world. Awakened to a sense of the soul, the individual dedicates their life to the soul's urge to grow by healing the blocks that limit its expression. 


What is Dis-ease?

Dis-ease is the result of inhibited soul life. Dis-ease is a distorted reflection of divine possibilities usuyally brought about by the ego's desperate illusion of control.


What is the Purpose of Incarnation?

To learn, to love, to grow. To experience all that is and to return the wisdom gained to Source.


What is Karma?

People sometimes mistake karma for a system of punishment and reward. More accurately, karma is the universal law of Cause and Effect. Understanding that law provides opportunity for growth and learning.


What is Death?

Death is the illusory end of existence since only the ego falls away while the soul continues its transition into higher dimensions. For the awakened soul, consciousness continues after death to the degree that the individual has united his/her personal spirit and soul capacities while in a body. The ancient Egyptian's called this process of conscious soul integration 'Coming Forth by Day'.


Why look at Past Lives?

The soul's long journey to return to Source takes place over many incarnations. It is a process of spiritual evolution resulting from learning through experience in a variety of bodies, cultures, and identities, across eons of time. We grow most rapidly when we learn from crisis and trauma but too often we get stuck in the experience rather than its resolution in growth.

Healers can help, especially if we look at recurrent patterns from other lifetimes that continue to impact the current incarnation. 

Ultimately, the aim is to transcend the state of becoming to arrive at a state of pure being.


What is the Path of the Soul?

As we are unique sparks of the one divine Source, our individual journeys will be different. For most people the self's first awakening to soul comes with a mahor upheavel, as mainstream values of the material world and small self identity lose their glamour.

A series of spiritual tests will occur with lessons in the cultivation of the soul's qualities of Surrender; Humilty; Gratitude; Discernment; Patience; Unconditional love; Forgiveness; Purification; Courage; Stillness and Trust.

The path continues through many lifetimes. At various times, teachers will appear, and knowledge awakened through study. Later phases tend to come in cycles where deep shifts follow long plateaus where not much seems to be occurring.

Intuition and discernment continue to be tested. The true initiate experiences many instances of Grace but does not depend on them: these are gifts, not expectations.

What are the pillars of Spiritual Development?

Meditation, Service, Study, and Self-relection are the most important tools of spiritual development.


Who is a Seeker of Truth?

A seeker of truth is an individual with a powerful, focussed commitment to the development of higher mind and service to humanity. This spiritual commitment goes beyond the selfish and somewhat recreational approach we often see in the new age industry.

The key difference is the Seeker's dedication to service to humanity rather than service to self.


What are the Lower Self's negative traits in beginners' sessions? 

Self-obsession - Me, me, me, me me...  

Without looking at how our own actions affect others negatively.

Victimship - They, they, they, they they...

Blaming others instead of taking responsibility for our experiences and actions.

Greed - More more, more, more, more...

Feeling that freedom and abundance is never enough.

Passivity - You, you, you, you, you...

Expecting a healer to take away the pain or bad habits without their participation or growth.

Impatience - Now, now, now, now, now...

Expecting complex patterns from multiple lifetimes to be dealt with in one single session. 

These days most of my clients are awake and aware. I encounter these negative ego issues less often. I take this as a brilliant confirmation that humanity is indeed raising in consciousness!