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Every session is unique as every soul is unique and what an individual needs constantly changes along their soul's journey. I draw upon a wide range of traditions, modalities and approaches. Some are outlined here.



Soul Path Therapy identifies and clears the issues that are blocking an individual's path of spiritual growth.


Each session involves accessing knowledge and energy from Divine Source to bring a deeper understanding of your soul's intentions for this incarnation. This also brings about better health, happier relationships and emotional freedom.


Sessions feel gentle and uplifting. Results are profound.


Transformations make way for an abundance of positive energy to enter the cells, raising one's vibration and bringing health, happiness, and freedom to engage life anew.


Psychoanalytic or talking therapies deal only with the mental body, but do not address the energetic reality of cellular memory. Talking about past experiences – especially trauma – without addressing energetic effects actually facilitates their re-imprinting. This can result in health issues, weight problems, loneliness, depression and dysfunctional behaviours, as the body screams ever more loudly for the issues to be cleared.


Soul Path Therapy sessions involve channelled spiritual guidance. I work in the aura to release negative energy that is stored in cellular memory from this and previous lifetimes. Through detached remembering and relaxation we are able to clear old programs, stresses, blocks and negative imprints.


In addition I will apply other healing techniques as required. No two Soul Path Therapy sessions are alike; no two souls are alike and an individual's needs change as the healings take effect. Divine intelligence always gives priority to core issues and deep shifts can be expected.


Spiritual Healing is not a 'quick fix' – it works at the deepest possible level to bring profound changes. I recommend booking one session initially and then, if it feels right, committing to a block of five. The most extraordinary shifts occur this way.



I use clairvoyance and guided regression to help you recall past life experiences in a safe, gentle way.


I access the Akashic records with help from spirit guides on the fifth dimension. There is no need to re-experience the traumas of the past - we merely need to connect with compassion for the soul's multiple experiences across lifetimes.


Aim is to locate karmic patterns and relationships that are still impacting on the current lifetime. Each past life recall contains major insights into problematic behaviours and emotional issues as well as gifts and talents to be reawakened.


Sometimes really major issues arise such as ancestral karma, hidden entity attachments, alien implants, past misuse of power, ties to old vows and curses, negative ties to past teachers, and recurrent health issues.


We release all negative imprints and ties, to bring clarity and freedom into this lifetime, this embodied experience.


This work often brings unexpected gifts. As we clear repressed energy from the past we unlock capacities for knowledge, talents and vitality that were previously inaccessible.



Working with Spirit to channel divine insights about your soul's path of evolution and its relationship to your present situation.


Individual readings focus on the deep situation of your life and your spiritual journey. They are especially helpful when you are at a crossroads in your life, or if you are feeling stuck.


Readings can identify

  • emotional blocks
  • psycho-spiritual conflicts
  • divine gifts and potentials
  • past lives
  • spirit guides


I apply my clairvoyant skills to connect with spirit teachers from the higher planes of light. I work only with beings of divine wisdom, love and integrity, including your guides and teachers. Unlike mediums or psychics, I do not communicate with the recently deceased or with beings from the astral plane, since their advice is of dubious value.


When requesting a reading it is always helpful to formulate personal questions, but then release all expectations. It is unproductive to try to dictate the content of a spiritual reading. Ultimately the reading will focus on the issues given priority by your Higher Self at this time.


Readings frequently include information on past lifetimes and karmic patterns impacting on this incarnation. They will contain information about emotional issues you are struggling with, and messages from guides. They are also likely to contain colours, symbols, and personal metaphors that connect with the deeper layers of your psyche.



Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force.

Seichem is an ancient Egyptian word meaning Power of Powers.


Reiki and Seichem are ancient healing methods by which universal rays of energy are channelled to accelerate the human body's natural ability to heal itself. The energies relieve pain, cleanse the body of toxins, release stress, increase vitality and promote well-being.


Reiki and Seichem stand alone or can be used to complement other healing modalities including orthodox medicine. Unlike some forms of energy transfer, Reiki and Seichem do not deplete the healer's own energy. On the contrary, the practitioner shares the channelled energy and ends the session feeling invigorated.


Attunement at each level is a onetime procedure. Thereafter the universal energy is abundantly available for the rest of a person's life.


Tera-Mai Seichem is a unique form of Seichem that gives access to all four elemental healing rays: Earth, Fire, Water, Air.


  • Earth feels like tingling heat or cold. Balances and grounds all other healing energes.
  • Fire is distinguished as sharp pulses of low voltage electricity. Transmutes and releases blocks.
  • Water feels like radiating waves of cool energy. Clears deep emotional issues. Expands the heart.
  • Air brings mental healing. Enhances the healer's brow centre and communication. Brings angels.



Shamanic traditions view emotional, psychological, and physical imbalances as indicators that soul fragmentation has occurred. When a person suffers from deep trauma, a part of their soul essence splits off (a psychotherapist might use the term 'dissociates' ) and finds haven in one of several realms on the inner planes.


This splitting-off is a kind of protective measure in the short-term, to help the person cope with traumas such as accidents, abuse or shock. But over time the inaccessibility of these fragments also results in the loss of certain positive energies, skills and talents as well.


Sometimes, it is not just that a splitting has occurred during trauma, but another person may be holding onto a soul part: they have 'stolen' a fragment, to enact abuse and maintain control in a relationship.


In Soul Retrieval, I enter into an altered state of consciousness and journey through the inner planes to retrieve your soul fragments that have become trapped, lost or stolen, either by another person or through trauma.


Everyone has experienced soul loss from past and present lifetimes. Usually a person is unaware they have lost fragments until they feel the effects of major problems or dysfunctions in their life. They may have reached an impasse in recovery from post-traumatic stress, co-dependency, chronic fatigue or physical illness. Some people actually feel like there is something missing within them: 'I lost my confidence', 'I lost my innocence', 'my sense of security was gone', 'she stole my heart'.


Symptoms of soul loss include

  • depression
  • feeling disconnected
  • memory blocks – especially from childhood
  • chronic illness
  • addictions of any kind
  • co-dependence
  • loss of self-esteem
  • inability to release a person or situation
  • being controlled or manipulated by others


To recover fragments of soul energy requires a reputable shaman who can journey into the inner planes on your behalf, with full protection.


The shaman's task is to search the many realms of non-ordinary reality to find your missing soul fragments, and to return them to you safely. The shaman does not travel alone. Spirit guides and power animals provide protection and advice while on the journey through the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds. Soul fragments generally present themselves at the age the trauma occurred.


When a soul fragment is found, the shaman asks: Why did it leave? Will it return? How it can help you? The fragment may need to be persuaded to return if it perceives the trauma is still occurring and is afraid.


Usually several soul parts are retrieved during a single session. On returning to the present moment the shaman gently blows the parts, one at a time, into the client's heart and crown. The shaman will then report on the images, symbols and impressions they saw during the journey.


After the journey, an immediate transformation is visible to yourself and others in the increased depth of light in your eyes.


Integrating your returned pieces

After a Soul Retrieval it is important that you become acquainted and accustomed to these facets of your soul that were once estranged. You can help the process of integration by welcoming each piece home, affirming how much you love them, reassuring them you are glad they are back and want them to stay. You will gradually become aware of the gifts they can share.


Soul Retrieval is a subtle yet profound method with remarkable results. Positive effects are noticeable after just one session as clients observe changes in their patterns of thinking, behaviour and creativity. Soul Retrieval is not something you need to do many times since it is a major action that can be life changing. You might do it say 2–3 times at first, and then perhaps once every year or so.


Soul recovery will empower you to

  • achieve a new level of serenity, balance and wholeness
  • experience there rewards of self-discovery and revitalised energies
  • allow more love to touch your heart
  • access new practical skills, creativity and spiritual talents


Shamanic ethics

A shaman will never journey for someone unless they request it. The shaman must ask for and receive permission from the person's spirit guides as well. The healee's commitment is to accept the returned pieces, with love.


Further reading

Michael Harner 'The Way of the Shaman'

Sandra Ingerman 'Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self



As we awaken and grow spiritually we become more sensitive to energetic vibrations. Peoplee, places, and situations that once felt acceptable may now feel discordant. We feel uncomfortable within any environment that is not filled with positive, expansive energy.


At this point it is common for people to become aware of negative entities or thought forms attached to their own energy fields.


These negative attachments may have been there for a short time or date from many lifetimes ago. They might have connected during ill-advised dabbling with ouija boards or the occult. Or they might have connected during a point of low energy in our lives, when our spiritual boundaries were unprotected.


It is crucial that we clear these negative energies. Not only for our own wellbeing but to assist in raising the energy of the planet from third dimensional reality into fifth. We can help dismantle the remnants of fourth dimenional (or astral) energy that has previously overshadowed our planet's spiritual evolution to usher in the new era with great light.


What is a negative entity?

A negative entity is a non-physical being who is parasitic to its host. Just as our physical body can have intestinal parasites so our subtle bodies (auric field) and environment can be parasitised by non-physical beings. A negative entity drains energy from its living human host and can influence their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.


Ghosts are energy fragments of deceased beings that linger on the earth plane, usually at a particular site, often repeating patterns from memory. Astral fragments come from the shattering of consciousness of people during death, especially where the death was sudden or traumatic.


What does an entity attachment feel like?

Entity attachments almost always make their presence known by dramatic changes in emotions or strange phenomena. We may suddenly feel icy cold and damp. We might have the sense there is someone watching us or glimpse something out of the corner of our eye.


If you experience an entity presence, do not feed it with fear. Entities are attracted to fear because human emotional energy sustains them.


How do we clear a negative entity attachment?

There are many different types of entity disturbances including discarnate soul fragments, thoughtforms, demons and elementals. Advanced clairvoyant skills will determine what particular entities are present and the best course of action for their release.


Healers use a variety of methods based in their own experience, abilities and guidance. This work must be handled with care and integrity.


In all my spiritual work I only connect with enlightened guides and helpers, and refuse all communication that originates on the astral plane. In so doing I avoid the heavy energy and misguidance associated with astral entities. It is not necessary to converse with misplaced entities to release them. My guides, their guides, and angelic beings act as intermediaries. I offer the entity the choice of moving to the Light or returning to Source, but they cannot by Universal Law remain attached to the person or place they are draining once they are asked to leave.


One must be firm and loving with this. Over the years I have experienced many entities who are stubborn and initially resist the clearing. They are fearful of leaving what is familiar no matter how dark and unpleasant their current existence.


Where earthbound beings and soul fragments are involved, I always seek direction from my guides and act accordingly.




Cutting negative ties involves releasing the cords of attachment that bind us karmically and energetically to another person.


Each time we interact with another person (friends, partners, parents, children, siblings, friends, co-workers, acquaintances) we make an exchange on the more subtle levels of our being. This forms a cord or tie which can be seen on the inner planes. Even after we physically separate from the other person, the ties remain. Energetic cords are not restricted by space or time, so you can be connected to someone far away, a person from your past, or someone who is no longer living.


Even with positive intimate relationships, negative psychic cords are also created out of aspects of neediness, dependency, anger, resentment, fear, or trauma that are experienced in a relationship. These ties drain both people.


Cord cutting does not sever the relationship (unless that is the intent). Rather, it puts the relationship back on a healthy path. By cutting out old, negative energies, we allow space for new, more harmonious energies to enter our relationships.


When we cut energetic ties, we feel a sense of being free or of having a heavy burden removed. Effects may be felt physically, energetically, or emotionally.


When should we cut the negative ties?

You may want to cut cords in the following situations:

There is someone in your life that you no longer want in your life.

After the ending of a relationship when you feel the ties may stop you from moving forward in your life, or you just have difficulty letting go.

When you have had a major change in a relationship, and you want to change old patterns of interacting with someone.

When you are transitioning to a new phase of your life and feel there are things you need to let go of.


After cutting ties and energetically removing ourselves from draining situations, a period of adjustment is to be expected. Often the other person will feel that the energy has changed, but be unable to explain it. Have awareness and allow time for the energy to rebalance in the relationship.


Sometimes the person who has been cut feels a sense of loss and will try to reach out to you. If your wish is not to reconnect with this person, then allow adequate time for them to adjust.


Be aware that by doing this work, the relationships involved may change in ways you may not have anticipated. Some relationships will become closer and others more distant. The outcome may not be what you were hoping for, but have trust. Most often what our ego wants is not actually what is best for us. Your Higher Self plays a major role in this regard.




Every session I do includes an auric cleansing and a balancing of your entire chakra system. This supports your whole functioning at optimum levels – mind, body and spirit in harmony.


For this I use a number of sacred tools including:

Aura Soma essences

Essential oils



Reiki & Seichem


The chakras are vortexes of light in the human aura that distribute the energy which supports the functioning of the body, mind and emotions. Too much or too little energy flowing through a particular chakra will have a negative impact on the functions associated with that chakra.


Root Chakra relates to our life force energy. It is also called our Survival or Base Centre


Sacral Chakra relates to our sensing and feeling energy. It is also called our Sexuality or Creativity Centre


Solar Plexus Chakra relates to our mental energy. It is also called our Power or Ego Centre


Heart Chakra relates to our emotional intelligence especially Love. Also the seat of divine knowledge


Throat Chakra relates to our creattivity and communication energy


Brow Chakra relates to our intuitive faculty and Third-Eye


Crown Chakra relates to divine inspiration and access to spiritual wisdom




In Spiritual Healings we establish close contact with the Inner Child and the Higher Self. to access their combined wisdom. Working in harmony together they offer practical help, inspiration and enormous blessings in our life.


The Inner Child is a Living Energy

If our Inner Child feels safe, cherished, protected, loved, accepted and worthy, he or she comes out to play. We feel creative, expansive, generous, loving and joyful. We know how to give and receive love. We know how to speak up, honour ourself, be authentic and generate truth. We remove ourself from what and who isn’t in our best interests. We are adaptive, learn new skills easily, and apply them creatively and practicallyn Having a healthy Inner Child enriches every aspect of our life.


But if our Inner Child feels unsafe, dismissed, rejected, abandoned or unworthy, he or she is broken and damaged, and is terrified about coming out to play. Our wounded Inner Child will desperately try to get our attention to be healed. Problems may occur in our body and in our lives.


The Higher Self

Our Higher Self is that part of us that connects directly to the spiritual realms. It is eternal, infinitely wise and transcends our everyday consciousness. It is in touch with the Divine because it is part of it.


We aim to connect our everyday consciousness with the Higher Self through intuition, healing, dreams, mindfulness and meditation. Attaining knowledge of the Higher Self, and its depths of inner wisdom, is the goal of the spiritual question in all its many guises.